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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with multiple areas of expertise.  I received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Masters in Forensic Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles.  During my Masters training, I worked in a number of corrections facilities and psychiatric hospitals such as Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Central Juvenile Hall, and Starview Adolescent Center Psychiatric Unit where I learned about the psychological and emotional struggles of prisoners, inmates, and psychiatric patients who were often experiencing severe emotional disturbances and/or profound trauma, which often resulted in violent behavior and/or suicidality.

During my doctoral studies at Pepperdine, I received extensive training in emotional development early in life and throughout the lifespan, neuroscience and the development of the brain, and process-oriented psychotherapy.  My clinical experience working with individuals with severe psychopathology continued but I also began to study development in early life, from pregnancy to toddlerhood, and the dynamics of families and parents during pregnancy and after birth.  I began to work closely with pregnant mothers, postnatal mothers, fathers and fathers-to-be, and also with infants and toddlers.  My experience was enriched significantly by my extensive training in infant mental health and neurodevelopmental assessment for children zero to three years of age.  My dissertation was on emotional development of prenates and the experience of the mother during pregnancy where I had the opportunity to work with Dr. James Grotstein, a preeminent psychoanalyst and psychiatrist in the area of primitive mental states who helped me learn and understand more deeply the emotional world of children and adults.  

In my professional career, I have worked as a staff psychologist at Children's Institute, Inc. where I assessed close to 100 premature infants, infants, and toddlers who were traumatized or severely struggling developmentally and helped to formulate and implement treatment plans aimed at rejuvenating and building-up these vulnerable children so that they could thrive and recover.  I was also associate executive director at Well Baby Center, a non-profit community mental health clinic serving infants, children and families.  I am currently program director at PCH Treatment Center in the OCD and Anxiety Clinic, where I help manage the treatment of young adults and adults who are struggling with OCD, severe anxiety, and trauma.  I have also maintained a private practice since 2008, where I work with families and adults in the capacities listed above.  I am also an adjunct professor in the graduate programs at Pepperdine University, Antioch University, and the Wright Institute Los Angeles.